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Sundaes Gelato “opening soon” on Baldwin Street

Image from the Sundaes Gelato Facebook page (
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Image from the Sundaes Gelato Facebook page (
Image from the Sundaes Gelato Facebook page (


Formerly the home of a branch of Nationwide, numbers 23-25 Baldwin Street in Bristol’s city centre are soon to be transformed into a new ice cream and waffle parlour in the form of Sundaes Gelato.

The business – which will be operated as a franchise – will see branches opening not only in Bristol, but also in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, London, Reading and Romford.

The Bristol premises will be a 90-seat dessert restaurant serving ice cream and waffles, with the team already advertising student discounts on their Facebook page.

As yet, there is no news about the opening date of the new venue, but check back with their Facebook page for more information.



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6 thoughts on “Sundaes Gelato “opening soon” on Baldwin Street”
  1. Disgusting customer service.
    Was given the wrong ice cream that happened to be something i was allergic to(luckily i had anti-histamine)yet they still refused to give me another order despites messing it up twice.
    I will not be returning to sundaes gelato, i do hope that there will be a new form of management that will avoid situations such as the above to not reoccur.

  2. Not going to recommend to anyone!!
    The waffle is blunt.
    Customer service is even worse.
    Not worth spending!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is the best place I have been in bristol, the customer service are excellent. I will recommend every to

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