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Pan-n-Ice: Opening in Cabot Circus on February 1st

Jan 3, 2016 #Cabot Circus #Pan-n-Ice
Image from the Pan-n-Ice Facebook page
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Image from the Pan-n-Ice Facebook page
Image from the Pan-n-Ice Facebook page


From February 1st, Cabot Circus will become home to an exciting new ice cream concept in the form of Pan-n-Ice.

Unlike normal ice cream, Pan-n-Ice create tailored flavours right in front of their customers’ eyes: it was on a trip to Thailand that owners Rob and Henry discovered an exciting way to make ice cream, which they’ve taken, adapted and used as the basis for their business idea.

At Pan-n-Ice, the team use metal pans chilled to -30ºC to create their ice cream rolls. The customer chooses their base (vanilla or yoghurt), decides on toppings (including Oreos, bananas, raspberries and more) and picks a sauce. The combination of ingredients is then poured onto the pans, where they are smashed together using two spatulas, frozen for around 90 seconds and scraped off to form ice cream rolls. Head 39 seconds into this video, filmed at Taste Of London just before Christmas,  to see the team in action…



It’s certainly a unique concept – and it’s not just ice cream either. In the winter, expect to see options such as warm brownies and apple pie too, along with drinks and more.

To stay up-to-date with Pan-n-Ice’s progress, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.



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