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A foodie’s guide to a casino night out in Bristol – Rainbow, Grosvenor, Genting

Feb 26, 2020
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Written for Bristol Bites by Alex Quintana


Bristol is well known for its lively culinary scene and vibrant nightlife. With unique coffee blends available at Spicer and Cole, impossible-to-turn-down pastries at Hart’s Bakery, and the bustling open kitchen at Bravas, the city is currently going through a gastronomical renaissance.

But is it possible to grab a tasty bite during a casino night out in Bristol? Of course it is!

All in all, there are seven casino venues in Bristol, but only three of them are big enough to serve food that’s worth a mention. These are Rainbow, Grosvenor, and Genting. Let’s take a quick look at each one of them, so you know exactly what’s on offer before you step in.

You may not have a lot of previous experience when entering a casino and this can be a comfort-zone factor that keeps lots of day-to-day foodies away from such venues. But nothing stops you from being in-the-know about staples like blackjack, roulette, or baccarat, as now you can sponge up the games’ essentials in live streaming format. Nowadays, some online casinos offer high definition streaming and private tables to get that personal touch even online.

Besides, most games are quite intuitive, and you can pick up the rules as you go along. And finally, try to relax. You’re mainly visiting the place for the food experience, drinks, and conversation, so you can observe the games from a distance and still have a pleasant evening with your friends.

Rainbow Casino Bristol

This 24/7 casino spot sitting on Explore Lane is known for its high-quality service and fantastic food.

You can choose between the restaurant or the late bar. While the bar serves mostly beer along with fish and chips, the restaurant, which is open from 5 PM to 1 AM, has a much broader culinary menu. You can grab delicious starters such as breaded cod goujons or duck pancakes. Then follow up with one of the affordably priced mains (£10 – £15) like the lemon & lime salmon served with rice and ratatouille or an authentic Yorkshire Pudding that comes with unlimited gravy.

There are also special foodie-friendly promotions here to enjoy. For example, on Tuesdays, you can grab a delicious steak for only £10, and on Thursdays, it’s Curry Night starting at just £6.95.

Grosvenor Casino Bristol

This place is situated on 266 Anchor Road and is more than just a casino. It’s more like a leisure destination where you can freely come in to hang out at the restaurant or bar.

Grosvenor formed partnerships with some of the top food spots in town, including the Absurd Bird, Field & Fin, Holy Cow, and Barrel & Stone.

This is great news for you, as you can pick from a selection of tasty dishes, including grilled poultry, well-seasoned fish, and expertly prepared burgers adorned with select toppings.

If you’re busy playing blackjack at the tables and don’t want to preoccupy yourself with the whole restaurant experience, there are also small kitchen bites that will keep you satiated throughout your gaming session.

Genting Casino Bristol

Located on 1-2 Portwall Lane, Genting Casino Bristol is another spot where as well as playing roulette, blackjack, slots, or poker, you can indulge yourself with tasty snacks. Unlike in Rainbow and Grosvenor, there’s no dedicated restaurant area here. But you can freely order tapas, and other eats to keep you full while you’re enjoying your games.

There is also a late bar where, along with simple bites, you can order cocktail staples as well as various types of beer, wine, and champagne. If that’s not enough for you, you can always step out for a moment, cross the nearby Redcliffe Bascule Bridge, and head to Riverstation or The Hole in the Wall, that are both just a couple of steps away from the casino.




Are you already excited to plan an action-packed night out with your friends? As you can see, casinos are not just the poorly lit spots of legend where only older people hang out. Quite the contrary, the three venues listed here provide enough tasty foods and drinks to keep you around, even if you’re not a person that would usually hang out at a casino.




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