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Chew Moo’s Ice Cream, Dundry: Review

Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Ice Cream Flavours
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It may not have been “ice cream weather” recently…but in all honesty, who needs an excuse to eat ice cream, especially when it’s locally-produced! Over in Dundry you’ll find Chew Moo’s, who make a variety of different flavours using milk and cream from their own herd of Guernsey cows, and their recent family fun day was a great excuse to pay them a visit for the first time.

Chew Moo’s ice cream is stocked in various places across Bristol and North Somerset including Windmill Hill City Farm, Salt & Malt and others, so if you can’t make it to the farm, you can still give it a try. They’re also open regularly at weekends (generally 10am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays, although this can vary), with an on-site ice cream parlour where you can buy scoops to eat in or tubs to takeaway.

It was great to see the family fun day so popular, but with so many people there, it was pretty difficult to get up the small lane to get there to park – as well as to make the most of the inflatables, tractor rides and so on that Chew Moo’s had put on. Oscar loved seeing the animals, though – especially the “funny-looking chickens”. The views from the place are incredible, too.


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Chickens

Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Views


Of course, we queued up with everyone else at their ice cream parlour – yes, it was busy, but it would have been a wasted trip without it! Queuing gave us a good chance to take a look at their milk vending machine that’s just inside the front door: bring your own, clean bottle and place it in the machine, pay by coin or card, and you can buy fresh milk from their herd to take home, very reasonably priced at £1.20 per litre. The colour of the milk is absolutely incredible: a beautiful creamy yellow. We’ll be bringing a container next time we visit…

Right next to the milk machine, you’ll see a vending machine packed with empty bottles for the milk machine (£1 each), as well as local eggs (£2.50 per dozen) and extra mature Cheddar from nearby Lye Cross Farm (£3.50). Access to these two machines is available seven days a week, making it easy for locals and those who are passing through to stock up.


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Milk Station


On the opposite wall, Chew Moo’s have shared a ton of facts about Guernsey milk, which were a bit of an eye-opener – I had no idea that it was so different to the regular stuff we normally buy!


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Guernsey Milk Facts


And then, you head through to the ice cream parlour itself. As you’d expect from the Chew Moo’s branding, it’s pretty bold and bright inside, and – when there aren’t Covid-friendly screens all over the place – pretty photogenic too. It’s a colourful place, one wall adorned with imagery of cows in a field, and with tables and chairs designed to look like ice cream cones. As well as these tables by the counter, you’ll find a small raised seating area at the back too.


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Ice Cream Parlour


A tall freezer cabinet at the far end is filled with tubs of ice cream of various sizes to take home (£2.50 for 100ml, £6 for 500ml, £8.50 for a litre), but if you want your appetite well and truly whetted, the main counter is where it’s at. Feast your eyes on 14 different ice cream flavours – some stalwarts, some that change on a regular basis. Salted caramel, rhubarb ripple, raspberry sorbet, orange & dark chocolate, Lotus Biscoff, bubblegum…the hard part is choosing which to go for.


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Ice Cream Flavours


To go with your ice cream, Chew Moo’s also do hot drinks as well as various canned drinks, Lovely Drinks bottles and Fruit Shoots, all priced between £1 and £3.20. The ice cream? That’s £3 for one scoop or £4.50 for two, served in a tub or waffle cone. For added decadence, there are also chocolate cones and sprinkle cones for an extra 50p each.

All three of us went for a different flavour in the end – from left to right that’s marshmallow, honeycomb & white chocolate, and cherry & dark chocolate.


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Ice Cream Servings


The marshmallow was a hit with the toddler, with plenty of marshmallows inside and a mellow fruity flavour. There was plenty of honeycomb studded throughout the white chocolate one too, but my favourite (and the one I’d chosen, fortunately!) was the cherry and dark chocolate: incredible Black Forest flavours and plenty of shards of chocolate inside. We were impressed with the creaminess of all three flavours too – a truly decadent experience!


Chew Moo's Ice Cream - Toddler Appreciation


If you’re in the area on a Friday or Saturday, head over – there’s a great kids’ play structure on site too for them to burn off some energy. A day out with a difference!


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