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Horus Charcoal Grill, Cannon Street: Review

Horus Charcoal Grill - Lamb Shish Meal
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One of the beauties of websites and apps like Just Eat is the ability to order in advance, which is what I did last weekend during a journey back from visiting family. With a trip that normally takes three hours instead taking closer to five, there was no way I fancied cooking when I got back.

Even better, Vodafone Rewards were offering vouchers for £12 off a Just Eat spend so I scrolled through the app looking for something we’d never tried before…and stumbled across Horus Charcoal Grill.

Bedminster’s Cannon Street may not seem like the most salubrious of streets to order from but with a food hygiene rating of five and a delicious-looking menu of Lebanese dishes – plus decent reviews on Just Eat – I was up for giving Horus Charcoal Grill a go.

Horus offers food for both delivery and collection – and has a few tables inside for those who want to eat in, too. Their menu gives you the opportunity to try all sorts of popular Lebanese dishes: starters of baba ghanouj, hummus and arayes (meat-stuffed Lebanese bread); stuffed sambousek and kibbeh pastries; all sorts of kebabs and falafel dishes.

If you’re looking to try a bit of a selection of what’s on offer, take a look at the “Charcoal Meals” section of the Horus menu. It was from here that I ordered the lamb shish meal (£10.99): a skewer of lamb shish, a lamb samosa, a falafel, hummus, salad, pickles, tabbouleh and Lebanese bread.

When it arrived, the hot components of the meal weren’t the hottest – but they *had* just travelled from Bedminster to Long Ashton in a container with chilled items, so this wasn’t really a massive surprise. The salad was all lovely and fresh-tasting – and the pickled turnip slices, which I’d only recently tried for the first time at Comptoir Libanais in Bath, were deliciously zingy.

I loved the fresh, herby flavour of the tabbouleh, and that hummus was incredibly smooth: my son enjoyed scooping it up with torn chunks of the massive flatbread. The lamb samosa was more pastry than filling and was a bit underwhelming, but the lamb shish was tender and beautifully seasoned, and the falafel was incredible with a wonderfully crispy shell and a perfectly spiced interior.


Horus Charcoal Grill - Lamb Shish Meal


An unexpected bonus was the addition of two pots of homemade sauces to the bag: a very thin yet flavourful garlic sauce, plus a pot of chilli sauce that had a beautifully smoky heat.


Horus Charcoal Grill - Dips


I have no complaints about the quality of the food (bar the lamb samosa needing a little more filling), but what about value for money? If I’m being completely honest, £10.99 for a meal that was mostly salad, pickles and bread seemed, after the food arrived, to be a little steep. I’d probably order from Horus Charcoal Grill again but try a different option from the menu – like a wrap or a mixed grill – instead.


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