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What can I do with leftover Christmas pudding?

Nov 28, 2023 #Christmas #Christmas pudding
Christmas pudding brownies with sherry cream cheese frosting
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Christmas, for me, is the most exciting time of the year for food and drink. While some might not agree with seeing Christmas foods on the shelves before Halloween has even arrived, I love looking around to see what brands and retailers are offering that’s new and different each year.

The problem is, the huge amount of choice often means that too much food is bought – and wasting it is a crime, especially when food prices are so high, food waste levels are insane and food poverty is such a big issue.

Christmas pudding is a divisive festive food. I love it (preferably with a small lake of brandy sauce and a dollop of brandy butter on top), but many don’t see the appeal. If you’re in a household that’s got mixed opinions about this fruity, boozy treat, you may well find yourself with leftovers…so what can you do to jazz them up a bit?

Here are six leftover Christmas pudding recipes you may want to try…


1. Christmas pudding brownies with sherry cream cheese frosting


Christmas pudding brownies with sherry cream cheese frosting
Recipe and image from “Breaks and Bites


This recipe is my own creation: my go-to chocolate brownie recipe with the addition of crumbled Christmas pudding and sherry. The sherry-infused cream cheese frosting is optional but is delicious, so give it a go! Recipe here.


2. Christmas pudding flapjacks


Recipe and image from “Recipes from a Normal Mum


I love the idea of these flapjacks as a lunchbox addition, a snack when out and about or an afternoon treat! Check out this easy recipe from Recipes from a Normal Mum here.


3. Christmas Pudding Ice Cream


Recipe and image from “Bangers & Mash


How good does this recipe from Bangers & Mash look?! The best part is, you don’t even need to faff around making your own ice cream: it’s a super simple way to turn a relatively stodgy pudding into a delicious dessert. Recipe here.


4. Brioche & Christmas Pudding Bread & Butter Pudding


Recipe and image from “Curly’s Cooking


Packed with cubes of buttery brioche and chunks of Christmas pudding, author Curly’s Cooking claims this pudding can even be enjoyed by those who aren’t Christmas pudding fans. Give it a go here.


5. Leftover Christmas pudding strudel


Recipe and image from “Thinly Spread


Another super simple recipe here! Thinly Spread’s strudel requires just four ingredients: Christmas pudding, filo pastry, icing sugar and butter for a dessert that can be served either on its own or with one of a variety of sides…check out the recipe here.


6. Christmas pudding muffins


Recipe and image from “Caroline’s Cooking


These buttermilk-based muffins from Caroline’s Cooking require just five ingredients and can be ready in half an hour. They’d be a great activity to get kids involved in the kitchen, too! Find out more here.

What’s your favourite way to use up leftover Christmas pudding? Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions!


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