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Want a prize from Martin’s Chocolatier?

May 15, 2024
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Please note: I received free products from Martin’s Chocolatier for the purpose of this post, but this in no way impacted my opinion. I was under no obligation to write a positive review, and the brand did not see this review before it was published.
This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16th. With only a month to go, have you started looking for the perfect gift yet?

Booze, socks and sport-related gifts are often the go-to for men. If you’re buying for someone with a sweet tooth, though, why not say it with chocolate this year?

I was asked by leading UK luxury chocolate brand Martin’s Chocolatier to review some of their Father’s Day gifts. Read on for my thoughts – and for the chance to win a chocolate gift of your own!

Who are Martin’s Chocolatier?

Martin’s Chocolatier is the creation of Philip Ahn. After training with Michelin star-winning chef Paul Merrett, Ahn decided to branch out to indulge his passion for chocolate making.

Martin’s Chocolatier was born, with the aim of making luxury chocolate available to everyone. All of their chocolates are carefully selected from various European artisan chocolatiers. They use premium ingredients, and traceable cocoa beans grown by farmer communities in Ecuador, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Working directly with these farmer cooperatives means farmers can receive fair prices for their crops. They can reinvest in their farms and enhance their living standards. What’s more, a portion of each purchase from Martin’s Chocolatier is allocated towards farmer training, and providing farmers with essential tools to help them become skilled experts.

The chocolate range on offer is enormous: boxed chocolates, buttons, novelty chocolates – all in a variety of different flavours and chocolate types. The prices are really reasonable too – and there’s free shipping on all orders over £15.

The Martin’s Chocolatier Father’s Day range

I love how varied the Father’s Day range from Martin’s Chocolatier is – there’s definitely something for everyone! You’ll find boxes of chocolates of different varieties, from a marzipan and praline collection to a 30-chocolate box in assorted flavours.

There are personalised boxes and boozy options, from the dark chocolates filled with limoncello ganache to these whiskey truffles.

If you’re looking for something a little fun, take a look at the building blocks, game controllers and golf balls, all made from chocolate!

I was sent two products to try: the Luxury Chocolate Planets (£13.99) and the French Chocolate Liqueurs Tin (£11.95).

My thoughts on Martin’s Chocolatier

When the products arrived – wrapped in bubble wrap and delivered in a cardboard box – they were in perfect condition. The packaging and branding are highly appealing, and I’d have no qualms about giving either of these as a gift.

Martin's Chocolatier 1

I was intrigued by the chocolate liqueurs, which looked a world away from the budget 90s versions with cheap chocolate and alcohol. These are made for Martin’s by French chocolatier Abtey, who are known for their chocolate liqueurs.

Martin's Chocolatier 6

The tin was filled with four different chocolate liqueurs: cherry, Label 5 Whisky, Williams Pear and St James Rum. There was a fairly even split between the different liqueur types, and I loved the retro design! The whisky and rum chocolates were shaped like barrels, while the cherry and pear varieties resembled the fruits themselves – the wrappers twisted at the top to form stalks.

Martin's Chocolatier 7

I’m pleased to report that these are nothing like the old school ones I remember. There’s plenty of liqueur inside each chocolate: each has a delicious flavour that’s not just pure burning alcohol. The chocolate is smooth and rich and the perfect way to tame the strength of the alcohol slightly. I think the pear and the cherry were probably my favourites of the bunch.

The chocolate planets? They were beautiful. Each planet (plus the Sun) had a different flavoured filling, and I loved the way they were decorated, too. Inside the cardboard box, the planets came sheathed in a plastic covering to protect them.

Martin's Chocolatier 2

Martin's Chocolatier 3

Martin's Chocolatier 4

Martin's Chocolatier 5

It’s hard to pick a favourite from the nine! There was a real mix of rich, indulgent varieties and more smooth and subtle chocolates. Jupiter (praline) with its rich roasted hazelnut flavour and crunchy praline nuggets was a hit. I loved the rich, smooth mocha cream of Saturn, which had a real depth of flavour.

On the lighter side, Uranus (blueberry ganache) had an incredibly “real” fruity flavour, while the Sun (orange cream) and Venus (peachy cream) paired white chocolate with fruit for a more delicate flavour. A special mention to Mercury, too: the cherry chilli ganache was lovely and warming, its heat building over time.

Win a box of Chocolate Brussel Sprouts!

If you want to try Martin’s Chocolatier for yourself – or win a gift for Father’s Day – head over to Instagram to enter my giveaway! Retailing at £8.99, these Chocolate Brussel Sprouts feature soft-centred milk chocolate infused with orange, all coated in a white chocolate shell resembling this often-hated vegetable. Click the link below to enter!


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