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How to invest in local food and drink start-ups

Apr 25, 2018
How to invest in local start-ups
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How to invest in local start-ups

It cannot have escaped your notice that the food scene in Bristol is getting better and better. There seems to be new food or drink businesses opening every week and that can only be good news for everyone in the city. With more interesting – and innovative – food choices around town you can discover something new all the time.

One of the really attractive things about Bristol is that we really value our small, local, independent businesses – and that is definitely the case when it comes to food start-ups. The supportive nature of the Bristol public – and the other business owners – makes it one of the best places to try to get something going. Apart from eating and drinking in the establishments what can you do to help the entrepreneurs?

Why get involved?

As well as giving a hand to local businesses there are a number of other reasons why investing can be a good thing here. In simple terms, you can make some money. It is all very well getting a warm glow after giving money to one of these ventures but people invest to get a return on their money. With the remarkable success of Bristol start-ups – which shows no sign of slowing down – there is a huge opportunity to become a part of that.

What’s more, you can choose your niche. You may want to go for investments into established food and drink businesses who are looking to secure funds for growth. You may be looking to offer business loans for minorities to increase diversity in your area’s food and drink sector, and give minority demographics a greater chance of success. The beauty of investing in local food and drink businesses is that the choice is all yours.

Do it yourself

Of course, when you think of investments it is usually a case of trusting some of your money to someone else. However, the investment could be into your own business. If you have a good idea for a food or drink start-up then why not use your money to create and develop it? You could make your dreams come true.

How to invest

There are a variety of different ways to get into the investment business. Usually small outfits will use up their savings and then rely on the generosity of family and friends to get going. If there is still a need for funds, then they look further afield. That is where you come in. Whether you decide to take an equity cut for an ongoing share of the profits, or just a loan that will get you your money back plus a little bit of interest, there are plenty of options. Keeping your eye on sites like this one will give you some kind of idea of where to put your money.

Be part of the community

Although just by investing in a local independent business you can be proud in the knowledge that you are helping your community to thrive, there is a specialist investment programme set up by local government that really highlights this opportunity. By buying community shares you will become a part owner of a business and that makes you a supporter, a volunteer and also an advocate for this type of set-up. These kinds of schemes are especially popular with local pubs on the brink of closing. When a community rallies around, these important institutions can be saved – that applies to restaurants as well.

Know what you are doing

There is satisfaction to be gained by investing in a local food start-up business and seeing it grow and transform into a successful operation. However, the fact is that not every small business does become successful and people can sometimes be blind to the investment pitfalls when family, friends or even just a good cause is involved. You should always do your homework before handing any money over and seek professional advice – especially if you are new to investment. Shard Capital offers a range of financial services and can help you every step of the way with your choice of investments. You will not be doing this with the expectation of making millions but you do want to know that the people you are investing in are worth your time.

Be a part of something

With many people complaining about the uniform look of our nation’s high streets it is heartening to know that this doesn’t really apply when it comes to Bristol – especially with food and drink establishments – as there is a good history of independent businesses coming to the fore and being successful. That is thanks, in no small part, to people in the community who are willing to put money into local ventures.

By investing in a local food or drink start-up you are showing what kind of Bristol you want to see and be a part of. If more people are willing to put money back into their communities then we can have a city to be really proud of.

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