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Barbecue flavour tips and more for the summer

Aug 3, 2016
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For many of us, the first glimpse of sunshine leads us straight out to our barbecues…being able to grill outdoors is without a doubt one of the signs that the summer is well and truly here!

While it’s clear that there are Brits that barbecue in style (you just have to take a look at the King of the Grill competitors at Grillstock every summer to see that!), there’s still also plenty of joking about sausages that are raw in the middle and burned on the outside. But why should we have to eat BBQ food that we’re not 100% happy with?

There’s plenty that goes into making a great BBQ: proper preparation, knowing your cooking times, learning how to maximise flavour and, of course, cleaning your grill so that it’s ready to use – there’s nothing worse than discovering last year’s shrivelled, chargrilled sausage skins when you’re looking to enjoy a rare few hours of sunshine.

To make BBQing easier this summer, the team at MyVoucherCodes have prepared a series of short videos covering all of the above tips, which you can see on their YouTube channel.  To get you started, here’s their video about taking your BBQ flavours to the next level in a number of different ways…



What are your top BBQ tips?


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