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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bristol

Sep 10, 2018
Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bristol
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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bristol


Adam Richman takes us through his top picks for the best restaurants for vegetarians and vegans in Bristol…


Bristol is known for its excellent nightlife and its range of top class restaurants. The rising popularity of vegetarianism and veganism in the UK can be attributed to the growing diversity of meal options making their way onto the menus in some of our best restaurants – and this too is represented heavily in Bristol’s vibrant city centre.

New age concerns over animal welfare and the environmental impact of mass meat production, as well as the adoption of vegan lifestyles by professional athletes has also helped to bring meat-free meals into the mainstream.

In response, many top restaurants are getting with the times, and this article explores some of Bristol’s best eateries to enjoy on a night out

VX Bristol

VX have branches in both Bristol and London, and they claim that ‘a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring’ – and they are absolutely right.

This vegan outlet enables you to get stuck in to all your favourite junk food guilt-free, with delicious meat-free burgers and hotdogs served in a small yet charming cafe setting.

Prices are very reasonable, making it an affordable regular treat.

Rainbow Casino

The city is also home to three casinos, which is indicative of the rising popularity of casino gaming, and in turn, the rise of online casino sites. Websites such as offer comprehensive reviews and tips to UK casino enthusiast.

Despite the fact that the rise of online casino sites continues to gather apace, land-based casinos remain hugely popular too.

Bristol’s Rainbow Casino is not only an excellent venue for a night out, it also boasts a good restaurant with a large menu, including several mains and sides suitable for vegetarians and vegans, including falafel and spinach burgers, and sweet potato and chickpea curries.

Thali Cafe

Thali began their rise to prominence 15 years ago, selling street food at festivals and having great success.

Their menu offers meat-based meals as well as some excellent vegetarian dishes such as vegetable curries, along with a wide range of meat-free sides.

What also makes Thali Cafes so popular is their accessibility, with numerous branches located across the city.


A personal favourite due to its constantly evolving menu using only the finest local ingredients, Flow is a truly unique experience that never fails to satisfy the taste buds.

With meal ideas taken from across the globe, this sleek, modern-looking restaurant does not compromise on variety despite their completely vegan menu, making it well worth a visit for anyone who’s up for trying something a little different.


Root is relatively new to Bristol’s restaurant scene, having opened just last year – but they have wasted no time in establishing a reputation as one of the city’s finest places to eat.

While their menu options are mainly plant-based, there is also a small selection of meat and fish options to choose from – earning rave reviews from both herbivores and carnivores alike.

Cafe Kino

Cafe Kino is a non-profit strictly vegan organisation, with all proceeds going towards improving the restaurant, with the rest being passed on directly to staff.

This ethical business practice has resonated with many in the area, helping to make it a popular, much-loved place for vegans.

The menu offers a wide range of plant-based meal options, including veggie burgers, vegan BLTs and sharing platters.


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